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GRANSHAN is the hub for global visual identity.

We celebrate non-Latin typefaces and typography, design and communication that enable communities to develop culture and enterprises in a balance between local, regional, and global.

“To bring together a multitude of experts in non-Latin typefaces from around the world proofed to be a very worthwhile endeavor: It is one ingenious way to keep diversity alive, to make sure that the written word in a variety of languages from anywhere in the globe stay fresh and juicy.” —Stefan Sagmeister

Latest news

GRANSHAN proudly promotes the first Korean Typography Competition: Oesol International Typography Award!

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We are very pleased to announce the results of the 12th GRANSHAN Type Design Competition: WINNERS

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The GRANSHAN Type Design Competition 2019 results are out!

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The Team Behind GRANSHAN

Co-Chairman Competition, Vice-President

Edik Ghabuzyan was the initiator and founder of the international type design competition GRANSHAN and now is the co-head of the organizing committee and jury board of the competition. 


Boris Kochan is Designer & Publicist, Curator & Consultant. He is founder and CEO of KOCHAN & PARTNER, a branding and design agency in Munich and Berlin. For GRANSHAN he is Co-Chairman of the Competition and President of the GRANSHAN Foundation e.V.

Kalapi Gajjar-Bordawekar is a typeface designer and font engineer. He's a creative director and co-founder of Universal Thirst, a typeface design studio specialising in writing systems of the Indian sub-continent.

Script Chair

Shani Avni is the Ismar David Assistant Curator in RIT Cary Graphic Arts Collection. She designs, researches, teaches, consults, writes and lectures on Hebrew type design and typography. 

Script Expert

Dr Fiona Ross specializes in non-Latin type design and typography. Since 1989 she has worked as a consultant, author, lecturer, and type designer. Since 2012 she is a jury member of GRANSHAN competition and held the Script Chair for South Asian Scripts until 2019.

Script Chair

Gerry Leonidas is an Associate Professor in Typography at the University of Reading, UK. He teaches, supervises, and lectures on typography, typeface design, and typographic education.

Script Expert

Adi Stern is a graphic designer, type designer and a design educator and has served as the head of the department of visual communication at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem since 2008. He joined the GRANSHAN jury 2014 and held the Script Chair for Hebrew Scripts until 2019.

Script Chair

Since 2007 she has been a member of the GRANSHAN organizing committee and since 2013 she has been a member of the jury board of Annual International Type Design competition GRANSHAN.

Co-Chairwoman TypeDesign competition

Veronika Burian is a type designer and the co-founder of the independent type foundry TypeTogether with José Scaglione, publishing award-winning typefaces and collaborating on tailored typefaces for a variety of clients. Furthermore, TypeTogether supports young people with a Typeface Publishing Program – the »Gerard Unger Scholarship«.

Script Chair

Chang Kim is a typographer, visual communication designer, and educator at San José State University and a jury member of GRANSHAN Competition since 2013.

Twitter Account

Hrant Papazian is an Armenian native of Lebanon; his perspective on written communication was formed at the crossroads of three competing visual cultures. He now lives in Los Angeles, relishing the unique ethnic salad.


Dive into the realm of GRANSHAN activities!

In 2008 the Armenien Ministry of Culture founded a national type competition and one year later a visit of the typographic society munich (tgm) in Armenia took place.
What followed was a productive cooperation on behalf of non-Latin typography.
At this moment the idea of GRANSHAN was born.
The very first GRANSHAN conference then was held in 2012 and has been held now each year ever since.
Get a look at the spirit of GRANSHAN. GRANSHAN means professional exchange and international collaboration in the four pillars competition, conference, exhibition and publications. This is the fundament of all GRANSHAN projects.


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