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News, findings and blog posts—Insights is where the GRANSHAN editorial team shares interesting facts, views and curiosities from the global world of script, type design and typography with a special focus on all matters beyond Latin. Various authors from the community get a word here, as do experts on special topics and selected professionals from other sectors.

GRANSHAN Statement on our attitude

GRANSHAN fosters a global typographic community valuing cultural diversity and mutual respect. Veronika Burian and Toshi Omagari will now manage the Cyrillic Script Group. GRANSHAN stands for respect and solidarity.

A letter from the GRANSHAN President

The 13th GRANSHAN Type Design Competition 2023/2024 is open for global submissions until 15 February 2024. Featuring new categories, script groups, and a €3,000 Grand Prize, the competition honors Edik Ghabuzyan.