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The official GRANSHAN publication provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the non-Latin typeface project. This essential resource delves into the diversity and creativity that define our global typographic community.

About the Book

Our publication, "GRANSHAN – Design & Identity," is a 360-page exploration of the fascinating world of non-Latin typefaces. Written in English, this book is an invaluable reference for designers, typographers, and anyone interested in the intersection of culture and design.

  • Pages: 360

  • Language: English

  • Price: € 28,00 including Tax 7%, excluding shipping costs.

»But how do we define the world? It is certainly more than a global village in which individual needs are second to global interests. On the contrary, we are just beginning to learn that successful planning of the future – and thereby the world – is based on the interplay of many different, individual and local factors. This is one of the reasons for holding a conference that promotes cultures using typefaces other than Latin.«

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