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Krista Radoeva

Cyrillic Script specialist

Type designer

Krista Radoeva is an independent type designer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She makes fonts in Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. Collaborating with international foundries and design agencies, her main focus has been custom fonts. She also spends a lot of time teaching and researching Cyrillic. Recently, Krista has been focused on finishing some personal retail typefaces and setting up her own studio.

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For decades type designers and foundries have been working on Cyrillic for the Russian market only. So what happens now? Now that it is finally time to realise that Cyrillic was never a synonym for Russian, let’s talk about Localising and Extending Cyrillic. The talk will give some historical context on how certain characters were born, show examples and useful tips and resources for working with a more rich and diverse Cyrillic character set.