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The Advisory Board supports and advises the President and the GRANSHAN Foundation team on both strategic and practical issues. 

Once a year, the GRANSHAN Advisory Board meets before the General Assembly to discuss strategic issues with the Executive Committee and the chairpersons of the competitions. During the General Assembly, the Advisory Board supports the President in communicating future topics. The Advisory Board also attends the final meeting of the Type Design Competition in an advisory capacity, at which the final order of the winners and the Grand Prize winners are determined. All Advisory Board members have previously been active in the GRASHAN Type Design Competition for many years – in this way we want to ensure that the quality standards remain consistent over many years. Finally, the Advisory Board also advises the GRANSHAN team on an ad hoc basis on extraordinary challenges in daily business.

Chang Sik Kim

Chang Kim is a typographer, visual communication designer, and educator who has obtained two MFA degrees. Prior to joining the faculty of Graphic Design at San Jose State in 2000, he held art director positions at Seoul Graphic Design Center, Korea Herald Weekly, and Hangil-sa publication, where he was responsible for leading projects focused on identity design and publication design. Since 1991, he has also taught at several international universities while working as a professional designer. He has devoted his attention entirely to visual communication design and experimental typography. He is specifically interested in integrating type and image, especially in the use of visual metaphors and methodologies to conceptualize complex ideas. Chang has worked on several typeface designs for Korean and Latin alphabets as part of branding projects, including SJSU Spartan Roman/Pride and several other fonts. Chang's clients have included Samsung Electronics, Cooliris, Hyundai Motors, Amazon, Yahoo, Hammer Theatre, Donghwa Bank, Korea Herald Weekly Magazine, and Korea IT Network, among others.

Chairman, IDEEC (International Design Education Expo and Conference)
Professor, San Jose State University

Fiona Ross

Fiona Ross specializes in type design and typography primarily for Arabic, South Asian, and Thai scripts, with a background in languages and PhD in Indian Palaeography (SOAS). Fiona works as a consultant, type designer, author, and lecturer. She is Professor in Type Design at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication (University of Reading, UK), and recently has been running a Leverhulme-funded Women in Type research project. In addition to her published writings and collaborative typeface design work for clients such as Adobe, Ananda Bazar Patrika, Google, and Harvard University Press, Fiona has co-curated seven international exhibitions. For her work in type design and education, Fiona received the SoTA Typography Award (2014) and the Type Director’s Club Medal (2018). 

University of Reading
Women in Type

Gerry Leonidas

Gerry Leonidas is a Professor of Typography at the University of Reading, UK. His work focuses on typeface design processes across scripts, with a distinct strand in Greek typeface design and typography. Collections and archives, including ephemera and evidence of making, are central to Gerry’s research and PhD supervision. He champions the use of qualitative analysis of artefacts in typographic discourse, for reframing narratives in typography and typeface design. Gerry works regularly on knowledge transfer projects and expert reviews, and is an active sponsor and mentor. He is a Past President of ATypI,  and co-founder of ISTVC and the Granshan Foundation.

Anuthin Wongsunkakon

Anuthin Wongsunkakon (born 1973) is a partner at Cadson Demak, Thailand's leading type foundry, specializing in Thai and Southeast Asian scripts. He is known as the founder of the Bangkok International Typographic Symposium (BITS), helping to bring attention to typography in Southeast Asia. He is a co-founder and currently serves as chairperson of the CommMA international program at Chulalongkorn University, which focuses on typographic research and communication design. Anuthin and his team at Cadson Demak have created widely acclaimed work for prominent clients like Monotype, Apple, Google, the Thai government, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Grab, Line, and YouTube. For over two decades, their innovative type designs have enhanced readability and aesthetic appeal for branding and corporate typefaces, especially in both digital and non-digital environments.