Tetiana Ivanenko

GRANSHAN Jury 2019: Script expert for Cyrillic Scripts

Tetiana Ivanenko is born (1972) in Kerch, Ukraine.
She was educated at Kharkov institute of industrial art, Graphic designer (1994–1999) an is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Tetiana works at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts since 2006. She received a Ph.D. of arts in 2006. Dissertation covers to studying of art-shaped features of a display font, its principles shape forming. Associate Professor. Chief of Graphic Design Department, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (2013–2017).
Her sphere of scientific interests is on graphic design, visual communications, display and decorative font, sign deviations. She has a scientific publication on the subject of art studies.
She published the monograph "Originality without limits: the nature of the display font", the textbook "Type Design: Basics", and also co-author of the textbook "Designer Education: Research Work of Students in Higher Education Institutions".

She is also a member of the Scientific and Methodological Commission on Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Subcommission 022 Design for the Development of Standards for Higher Education, 2016–2019) and has several projects in the field of scientific Illustration and fiction literature.

Tetiana participates in international and all-Ukrainian exhibitions and competitions. She is the organizer of the All-Ukrainian competition "Font and Calligraphy Festival" (2015) and the initiator and founder of the International Student Competition on Font and Calligraphy PANGRAM. 

At Prostir Liter 2019 she will talk about:

International Competition Pangram: Origins, Development, Prospects.
The International Student Competition on Fonts and Calligraphy "Pangram" is devoted to the popularization of the cultural traditions of the peoples of different countries, the advancement of modern calligraphy and typeface design among young people, enabling the students to grow professionally, revealing their creative abilities. Also, the Competition contributes to the exchange of experience of various calligraphy schools in Ukraine and other countries.
Every year a new main theme of the Competition is proposed.
The international jury consisted of high school representatives and type designers.
According to the results of the competition, exhibitions of the best works are held. For example, at the final exhibition in 2016, one could see fonts with alphabet systems such as Armenian, English, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and Vietnamese.

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