Ruben Malayan

Visual Artist

Ruben Malayan is an an award-winning art director and visual artist. His career in graphic design spans over twenty five years — crossing over into the fields of visual identity design, typography and calligraphy. For over a decade Ruben has been working on research about the art of specialized scripts, and has developed a portfolio of unique Armenian calligraphy. 

Ruben Malayan is notable for his work in social activism, as a founder of the 'Armenian Genocide in Contemporary Graphic & Art Posters' project, his protest art contributions to the 2018 Armenian Velvet Revolution and Second Artsakh War. 

Over the years he has taught academic drawing, graphic design and calligraphy in the United States, Canada, Italy, Russia, Poland, Romania, and Armenia. Ruben's work has been published in a number of books and magazines worldwide. In 2019 he was appointed to the board of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan, Armenia and is currently an adjunct lecturer at American University of Armenia and an academic drawing instructor at Yerevan State College of Fine Arts.

"Writing on paper is fundamentally different from typing. The process of struggling with the material produces friction, which in turn teaches us commitment and discipline. Designers, especially typographers, understood the importance of experiment on paper. We must remember that without it, new typefaces would never be created."

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