Naïma Ben Ayed

Type Designer & Graphic Designer

Naïma Ben Ayed is an independent type and graphic designer from France, based in London, UK. She holds a Master in “création typographique” from Estienne school (Paris). She set up her own studio after working for several years at Dalton Maag (London, UK). Her practice includes the design of retail and custom Arabic and Latin typefaces, lettering and visual identities. Her approach to design is telling stories with letters. Recent collaborations include TPTQ Arabic, ABCDinamo and Swiss Typefaces. She regularly leads workshops proposing alternative design processes for multi script type design. She takes part in initiatives that contribute to opening up the discipline such as the Alphabettes mentorship program. She occasionally publishes articles on “feminist platform for design politics” Futuress, Alphabettes or Typographica.  

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