Michal Sahar

Type Designer

Michal Sahar (b. 1970) is a Tel Aviv based type designer and graphic designer; a senior lecturer and head of typographic studies at the Department of Visual Communicaiotn, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, from which she graduated in 1996. She founded her independent design studio in 2001, working in the fields of arts and culture, focusing on identity, editorial design and book design.
In 2002 she co-founded HaGilda type foundry. Michal has won various professional awards since 2004; her latest collaborations on Hebrew-Latin type systems with Peter Bil’ak (Typotheque Den Haag) won her the Granshan non-Latin Type Design Award in the Hebrew Category for Fedra Serif (2nd prize, 2015) and for Greta Text (2nd prize, 2017), as well as the Type Directors Club Certificate of Excellence in Type Design for Greta Text (2017).

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