Laurence Penney

Type Designer

Laurence Penney is a consultant in dynamic font technology based in Bristol, UK. At university (B.Sc. Computer Science) he created a prototype parametric font system. From 1993 he specialized in TrueType, writing rasterizers and hinting fonts for clients. In 1999 he was hired as a founder member of MyFonts, at the time only an idea within Bitstream (Cambridge, MA). He enlarged the team and helped the company to become market leader by a wide margin. From 2016 he has been a consultant in variable fonts. He presents aspects of the technology at conferences and universities, and wrote the open source Fit-to-Width library. His Axis-Praxis website (2016–present) is the first place that anyone can play with variable fonts. In his spare time he collects “one-dimensional maps”.

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