Jana Igunma

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Jana Igunma is Henry Ginsburg Curator for Thai, Lao and Cambodian Collections at the British Library in London, where she has been involved in research, digitisation, and exhibitions of Southeast Asian material since 2004. Jana graduated with Master of Arts degrees in Southeast Asian History (1996) and in Library and Information Science (2003) from Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. Her areas of specialisation are languages, literatures, palaeography and arts of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. She authored numerous research articles and book chapters on manuscripts, the art of the book and book history, textiles, decorative art and design in mainland Southeast Asia. Her print publications include The history of the book in Southeast Asia: the Mainland (The Book, a global history. New York/Oxford, 2013) and Buddhism illuminated: Manuscript art from Southeast Asia (with San San May, London, 2018), but she also writes for various online publications. Jana is a committee member of the Southeast Asia Library Group and a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Studies (UK) as well as the European Association for Southeast Asian Studies.


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