Competition 2011 – Winners

The GRAND PRIZE with 1.000 € was awarded to Alexandra Korolkova for Belladonna typeface.
The org. committee congratulates all prize winners. Thank you for taking part in the GRANSHAN project.


Font Author Country Prize  
Aregak Hrachuhi Grigoryan Armenia 2nd prize  
Emrys Ben Jones UK 3rd prize  

The 1st prize was not awarded.

Font Author Country Prize  
William Maria Doreuli Russia 1st prize  
Permian Ilya Ruderman Russia 2nd prize  
Circe Alexandra Korolkova Russia 3rd prize  
Font Author Country Prize  
Emrys Ben Jones UK 1st prize  
Artigo Joana Maria Correia da Silva Portugal 2nd prize  
Foxhill Hanna Donker UK 3rd prize  
Font Author Country Prize  
Belladonna Alexandra Korolkova Russia 1st prize  
Fry Oleg Macujev Russia 2nd prize  
Meteor Script Ilya Ruderman Russia 3rd prize  



GRANSHAN org. committee is not responsible for any content or copyrights. This must be clarified by the designer/company.

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