Vera Evstafieva

Script expert for Cyrillic Scripts

Vera Evstafieva is an independent Russian typedesigner, Cyrillic consultant and calligrapher based in Cambridge, UK. Vera is specialised in Latin and Cyrillic type and logo design and lettering, writes on history of type.
Graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts and received master degree at Type & Media course at KABK in the Netherlands in 2004.
During her work at ArtLebedev Studio, Vera designed ALS Direct typeface for wayfinding, which is widely used now in public spaces like way finding on Moscow streets, in Pulkovo airport, Luzhniki stadium and many others. Vera designed the first fonts for the Studio’s type library.
Since late 2007 Vera works as a free-lance designer creating custom fonts, part-time teacher on type sketching and calligraphy for graphic and type designers, writes articles for Shrift type journal since 2017.
In collaboration with TypeTogether in 2014 Vera designed Cyrillic part of Literata font for Google Play Books application.
Vera’s Apriori font was among the winners of Modern Cyrillic contest in 2009 and Amalta typeface won TDC2 prize in 2011 and Modern Cyrillic 2014.
Vera was invited to work in juries of Typomania festival, Poster for Today competition and others.

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