Curt Huang

Script expert for Chinese Scripts

Curt Huang specialized in Chinese type design and typography. Having completed the Doctoral research courses of Experimental Phonetics in the Linguistics Dept. at the University of California, Berkely, he established Changzhou SinoType Technology Co., Ltd. in 1991 that has finally launched more than 70 sets of Chinese fonts t since 1996. These fonts are widely purchased by the international well-known companies including Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google and Amazon, especially for Source Han Sans in 2012-14 and Source Han Serif in 2015-17. 
He was assigned in 2001 as Chief Multimedia Producer of the Bidding Presentation of Beijing Olympic Games Bidding Committee, and honored as Deputy Director Olympic Art Research Center of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. Meanwhile, he has worked as consultant and leading expert with a lot of top fine-arts schools in China, including Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and Tongji University.

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