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Three positions of Armenian specialists on Armenian calligraphy, scripts and writings. We delve into the wide realm of Armenian scripture.

Susanne Zippel at GRANSHAN conference 2017

Susanne Zippel – Typography for Johannes Bobrowski

Susanne Zippel is showing a multi-script design project about the works of German poet Johannes Bobrowski.

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer at GRANSHAN

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer – Tricky Variable Fonts

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer is giving some playful examples of what variable fonts can do.


Carolyn Puzzovio at GRANSHAN Conference 2017

Carolyn Puzzovio – The Georgian script

Carolyn is drawing parallels between the Armenian and the Georgian alphabet: such as the fact that both were developed for a specific language, and are used by their people exclusively.

Adi Stern at GRANSHAN Conference 2017

Adi Stern – Art and design education

Adi Stern, Head of the Department of Visual Communication at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, is captivating our attention with examples of students’ work.

Fiona Ross at GRANSHAN Conference 2017

Fiona Ross – The design brief

In her keynote presentation Fiona Ross is emphasising the importance of the design brief as a starting point for typeface design. Focussing on South Asian scripts, this is just as relevant for other scripts: it is the consideration where, how and for what a typeface is used. 

Exhibitions at GRANSHAN Yerevan

Exhibitions at GRANSHAN Yerevan

GRANSHAN conference is complemented by a number of exhibitions: ATypI’s Letter2 exhibitions, GRANSHAN’s 2016 competition winners, TUMO students’ work, a group calligraphy project by Ruben Malayan as well an exhibition by the Association of Georgian Typefaces. We are surrounded and engulfed in letters!

Nejdeh Hovanessian at GRANSHAN Conference 2017

Nejdeh Hovanessian – Why sometimes it doesn’t feel like “Persian”?!

Armenian-Iranian designer Nejdeh Hovanessian is giving insights into the Arabic script as it is used in Iran, in calligraphy and typography. 

Haytham Nawar at GRANSHAN Conference 2017

Haytham Nawar – Living letters: living cultures

Cinema and film making has a strong history in Egypt. Haytham Nawar is presenting expressive designs of lettering in cinema posters and film booklets of the Golden Era (1940s-70s) and comparing them to later digital examples

Cyrillic Session at GRANSHAN Conference 2017

Cyrillic Session

Three talks by Alexei Vanyashin, Kyrylo Tkachov and Ilja Ruderman about Cyrillic are followed by a lively discussion. About variants, standards, cultural diversity and the current practice – living letters indeed!

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