Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia

As the founder of the GRANSHAN typeface competition, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia has a genuine interest in promoting non-Latin typefaces. During the visit of Typographische Gesellschaft München (tgm) to Armenia in 2009, this shared interest led to the founding of a collaborative project. Since 2010, the GRANSHAN typeface competition has been administered successfully by both parties together.
The National Book Chamber of Armenia is as State Non-Comercial Organization (SNCO) part of the Ministry of Cultures activities. Beginning from 2007, the Book Chamber has been accomplishing a new, essentially important program aiming at the further development of Armenian culture. It is the program of creation, digitization and preservation of the Armenian fonts. The goals of the department are to study the history of Armenian script art, the structural and stylistic peculiarities of fonts, discover ancient letters of cultural value and digitize them, study modern Armenian fonts, design and digitize new Armenian fonts.

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