Exhibitions at GRANSHAN Yerevan


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GRANSHAN conference is complemented by a number of exhibitions: ATypI’s Letter2 exhibitions, GRANSHAN’s 2016 competition winners, TUMO students’ work, a group calligraphy project by Ruben Malayan as well an exhibition by the Association of Georgian Typefaces. We are surrounded and engulfed in letters!

Introductions to the exhibitions:

Gerry Leonidas: Letter2
ATypI’s second typeface exhibition from 2011, showing “typefaces as an ongoing process of development – a snapshot of the high quality typefaces of the time.”

Boris Kochan: GRANSHAN 2016
GRANSHAN’s yearly winners’ exhibition which travels around the globe.

Nino Jishkariani: Georgian typeface development and perspective
A selection from an exhibition by the Association of Georgian Typefaces, showing handpicked works created in various periods by leading Georgian artists and designers.

Gor Jihanian: TUMO Type Workshop Exhibition
The exhibition shows the outcome of the students’ workshop here at TUMO center

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