Cyrillic Session

Alexei Vanyashin
Some scripts are unique to a language and nation, such as Armenian, Korean, and Georgian. For other, such as the readers of the Latin and Cyrillic script – that share their writing system with many languages – cultural, stylistic differences can be minute. Alexei Vanyashin is showing variant lettershapes of different regional styles in the Cyrillic script.

Kyrylo Tkachov
Kyrylo Tkachov is a type designer from Ukraine who also organises many type events, including the International Arsenal Book Festival in Kiev. In his presentation we get to see many examples of contemporary Ukrainian typeface designs and lettering. 

Ilja Ruderman
Meanwhile in Russia… there are more and more type programmes that opened since 2000, and the education in the field of typography is expanding. Similarly, the market for Cyrillic is growing and so is the number of type studios.

The three talks about Cyrillic are followed by a lively discussion. About variants, standards, cultural diversity and the current practice – living letters indeed!

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